Singe Column Bench Top Units – 50N-5kN Frame – Universal Tensile Testing Machine


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The single column Class A testing systems are suited for tension, compression, flexure and other testing applications where specimens require less than 5 kN and where lab space is limited. The system is equipped with 1/500,000 Force Resolution the system is capable to providing +/-1% down to 0.2N.

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NG-EML Class A Universal Testing Machine (50N-5kN)

The EML class A Series addresses the needs of standardized and routine testing, providing the user high quality at the most affordable price. The single column Class A testing systems are suited for tension, compression, flexure, and other testing applications where load range requirements are less than 5 kN and lab space is limited. They are typically used for quality control and production testing.


Force Capacity: 50N, 100N, 200N, 500N, 1kN, 2kN, 5kN

Load Frame Configuration: Single column, Table-top, Electromechanical

Test Space: Single Zone

Typical Specimens

Plastics, fine wire, fibers and threads, biomaterials, thin films, adhesives, foam, packaging, paper products, and consumer products


  • Complete selection of sturdy, compact single column load frame configurations
  • High-speed, low-vibration electromechanical drive
  • Precision, pre-loaded ball screws
  • Linear motion guides for superior alignment
  • Versatile, easy-to-use software with pre-programmed industry standards library (ASTM, ISO, DIN, EN, BS, and more)
  • High-resolution, digital closed loop controls (integrated into load frame)
  • Automatic limit checking of crosshead position, overload, over temperature, over voltage, etc.
  • Complete selection of grips, fixtures, environmental systems and extensometers
  • Durable test space protection

Control System

USB 2.0 communication

Data exchange between hardware and software via USB 2.0 interface and velocity of 12Mb/s. USB is main direction of development of communication, which has merits of high communication velocity, variety of communication mode( such as controlling , breaking, batch, real time ,etc.), and will be the main mode of communication.

NG-EML Class A
Model EML102, EML103, EML202, EML203, EML501, EML502 ,EML503
Class Class A, single column
Capacity 50N, 100N, 200N, 500N,1kN, 2kN, 5kN
Calibration standard ISO 7500, Class 1 / Class 0.5
Force range 0.2% - 100%FS/ 0.4% - 100%FS
Force accuracy ±1% / 0.5%of reading
Force resolution 1/500,000FS
Position accuracy 0.5%of reading
Position resolution 0.042μm
Crosshead speed 0.001 - 1000mm/min
Crosshead speed accuracy ±1.0% / ±0.5% of set speed
Crosshead travel 70cm (can be extended to 100cm) 27.55" (can be extended to 39.4")
Dimension 20.85×19.3×50.8" (53x49x129cm) (159cm for 100cm crosshead travel)
Power requirements AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz,
Weight 198lbs / 90kg