Rubber and Plastic Single Column Charpy Impact Tester


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Rubber and Plastic – Class J – 1J-50J – Single Column Charpy Impact Tester – Digital Touch Screen Interface according to: ISO 179, ISO 180, ISO13802 ISO 8256, ISO 9854.1, ASTM D256, ASTM D1822, ASTM D6110

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Class J Impact Testing System is widely used for lzod and Charpy impact test on plastics and rubber specimens. Equipped with tensile impact pendulum and fixtures, it can carry on tests on plastic film and sheet. The newly enhanced design offers the most cost-effective configuration to address Charpy test from 1J to 50J, and lzod test from 1J to 22J.


High Resolution
Using a shaftless encoder allows angle resolution of 0.045 °

Energy Losses
Shaftless encoder for angle measurement rotates without friction, thereby offering the lowest energy loss.

Touch Screen Display
Touch screen provides easy setup of specimen dimensions, pendulum energy, units and calibration data. The unit can also intuitively display test results such as absorbed energy and impact toughness

Interchangeable Pendulum
Simply change the pendulum to satisfy Charpy, Izod and tensile impact tests

Center Alignment
Rotating design allows for a quick and accurate specimen center alignment for the Charpy test

Supports and Anvils
Supports are firmly tightened and only require the remove of two bolts to change the supports

Broader Test Space
Single column structure offers broad test space. The machine allows for easy installation of low temperature impact test accessories in the future

Machine Dimensions and Specifications

1. Capacity

Test type Standard Pendulum
Charpy for plastics ISO179, GB/T 1043 1J, 2J, 4J, 7.5J, 15J, 25J, 50J
ASTM D6110 2.7J, 5.4J, 10.8J, 21.6J
Charpy for plastic pipe ISO 9854.1 15J, 50J
Izod ISO 179, GB/T1843, GB/T1844 2.75J, 5.5J, 11J, 22J
ASTM D256 2.7J, 5.4J, 10.8J, 21.6J
Tensile impact ISO 8256, GB/T 13525 7.5J, 15J, 25J
ASTM D1822 7.5J, 15J, 25J

2. Pendulum Movement

Charpy 1 J 0.5358983 Nm Izod 1 J 0.5358983 Nm
2 J 1.0717967 Nm 2.75 J 1.4737205 Nm
4 J 2.1435935 Nm 5.5 J 2.94744 Nm
7.5 J 4.0192 Nm 11 J 5.8949 Nm
15 J 8.0385 Nm 22J 11.7898 Nm
25 J 13.397 Nm
50 J 26.795 Nm
Tensile impact 7.5 J 4.01923 Nm
15 J 8.03847 Nm
25 J 13.39745 Nm

3. Angle of striking: 150°

4. Angle resolution: 0.045°
Reading resolution of digital display: 0.01J

5. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz, 0.3kW

6. Machine dimension (LxWxH): 1000x300x760mm

7. Weight: 140kg

8. Charpy Test for Plastics

Items ISO 179, GB/T 1043 ASTM D6110
Angle of striking 150° 150°
Velocity of striking 2.9m/s (≤5J), 3.8m/s (>5J 3.46m/s
Distance from the axis of support to the center of percussion 230mm(≤5J), 395mm(>5J) 327mm
Span 40mm, 60mm, 70mm (can be adjusted by span block) 95.3mm
Radius of striker edge 2±0.5mm 3.17±0.12mm
Specimen dimension (LxWxH) 80x10x4mm 127×12.7x(3~12.7)mm

9. Charpy Test for plastic pipe

Standard ISO 9854.1
Angle of striking 150°
Velocity of striking 3.8m /s
Distance from the axis of support to the center of percussion 395mm
Span 40mm, 60mm, 62mm, 70mm
Radius of striker edge 3.17±0.12mm
Specimen dimension
Length x width x thickness (mm)
Type Length Width Thickness Support span
1 100±2 Whole pipe 70±0.5
2 50±1 6±0.2 e 40±0.5
3 120±2 15±0.5 e 70±0.5
Note: e is the machining pipe thickness

10. Izod Test

Standard ISO 180 ASTM D256
Angle of striking 150° 145.2°
Velocity of striking 3.5m/s 3.46m/s
Distance from the axis of support to the center of percussion 335
Striking knife center to vice upper surface 22±0.2mm
Radius of striker edge 0.8±0.2mm
Specimen dimension (LxWxH) 80×10×4mm, 63.5×12.7×12.7mm
63.5×12.7×6.4mm, 3.5×12.7×3.3mm

11. Tensile Impact Test

Standard ASTM D1822 ISO 8256
Angle of striking 150° 150°
Velocity of striking 3.46m/s 3.8m/s
Distance from the axis of support to the center of percussion 327mm 395mm
Crosshead mass 60±1g, 120±1g
Maximum specimen thickness 4mm

Standard Accessories

Model NGI-501J
Type J-2 J-3
Main machine 1 set 1 set
Angle encoder (shaftless) 1 set 1 set
Controller with digital display 1 set 1 set
Electromagnetic hook 1 set 1 set
Maintenance tools 1 set 1 set
Half protection shield 1 set 1 set
Software N/A 1 set
Micro-printer 1 set N/A

Optional Accessories

Test Type Description
Charpy (Plastics) Chapry pendulum (ISO 179) 1J,2J,4J,7.5J,15J,25J,50J
Chapry pendulum (ASTM D6110) 2.7J, 5.4J, 10.8J, 21.6J
Charpy support
Charpy span block
Charpy notch centering block
Charpy (Plastic pipes) Chapry pendulum (ISO179) 15J, 50J
Supports for convex test piece
Supports for bar specimen
Charpy span block (40mm, 70mm)
Izod Izod pendulum (ISO180) 2.75J,5.5J,11J,22J
Izod pendulum (ASTM D256) 2.7J, 5.4J, 10.8J, 21.6J
Izod vise jaw
Izod notch centering block
Tensile impact Tensile impact pendulum (ISO 8256) 7.5J, 15J, 25J
Tensile impact pendulum (ASTM D1822) 7.5J, 15J, 25J
Tensile impact anvil
Tensile impact crosshead 60g, 120g

Test Method vs. Pendulum Energy

No. Standard Type Velocity(m/s) Energy (J)
1 GB/T 1043 Charpy 2.9 1, 2, 4
2 GB/T 1043 Charpy 3.8 7.5, 15, 25, 50
3 ISO 179 Charpy 2.9 1, 2, 4
4 ISO 179 Charpy 3.8 7.5, 15, 25, 50
5 GB/T 1843 Izod 3.5 2.75, 5.5
6 GB/T 1844 Izod 3.5 5.5, 11, 22
7 ISO180 Izod 3.5 2.75, 5.5
8 ISO180 Izod 3.5 5.5, 11, 22
9 GB/T 13525 Tensile 3.8 7.5, 15, 25
10 ISO8256 Tensile 3.8 7.5, 15, 25
11 ASTM D6110 Charpy 3.46 2.7, 5.4, 10.8, 21.6
12 ASTM D256 Izod 3.46 2.7, 5.4, 10.8, 21.6
13 ASTM D1822 Tensile 3.46 7.5, 15, 25

Pendulum Range Selection

One machine is recommended to be equipped with less than 5 pendulums. More than 5 pendulums result in a more complicated calibration procedure.






Additional information

Weight 140 kg
Dimensions 100 × 48 × 76 cm

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